Kate has been fortunate enough to work closely with QDOS ENTERTAINMENT and the AMBASSADOR THEATRE GROUP, the companies behind most of the UK's Chritmas Pantomimes and each year works with the celebrity stars of the shows getting them ready for the big press and media launches, which usually happen around September time, so that tickets can start going on sale to the general public.  Kate not only does the makeup but helps get the stars ready in their costumes and has on many occassion helped some fairly large Panto Dames into some very tight corsets!  

Kate also buys the makeup products needed for the entire run so that it's one less thing for the celebrities to think about!

During the Covid 2020 crisis when all theatre shows were cancelled in the UK, Kate was called upon by MAGIC FM radio station who put together a promotional event at the LONDON PALLADIUM to help bring our beloved theatres back to life after the Lockdown.  Sadly, we went back into a third Lockdown so shows were cancelled again but the radio show hosted by JOHN OWEN JONES was a great opportunity for Kate as Head of Makeup for some of the West End Theatres to showcase her talent and expertise for when the industry gets back up and running.

Kate is also partnered with THEATRES ONLINE, the biggest online site for buying UK theatre tickets.  The company also promote Kate's makeup business on their website and there is a link directly to THEATRES ONLINE at the bottom of Kate's website Home Page. Alternatively, you can click here.