Case Study - LOGAN 20th Century Fox


After receiving an email enquiry from a Hollywood agency Kate flew out to Finland to work with a prestigious team of filmmakers from 20th Century Fox for a promo for the soon-to-be-released LOGAN film, the third in the Wolverine trilogy starring Hugh Jackman.  Kate recieved very few details about the shoot beforehand as with all big Hollywood movies there is a very tight security network around any filming/advertising etc before, during and after the release date. As Kate has a fully stocked kit that covers all aspects of makeup and special effects, it was no problem for her to fly out at just a weeks notice to meet up with the team when they all arrived from the States. 

It was a great experience for Kate to work with such a huge global film production company - her easy going nature and ability to complete the job spec at a very high standard made the travel, job and working with high profile actors and directors seem as it was just another job!

"Kate is an amazing makeup artist, so talented and a pleasure to have working along side us. Great to have you on board and thank you for all of your help on everything!!
Jeff Kelly, Vice President, Executive Creative Director, 20th Century Fox