MOST OF MY RECENT blog posts have been about film shoots and media events that I’ve been recently working on but I thought that this time I’d just do a brief reminder that I continue to spend a lot of my time in the classrooms of schools and colleges across the UK delivering workshops for students as well as delivering personal tuition to aspiring young (and sometimes not so young!) makeup artists.  I’m very keen to share my knowledge of this art and now that makeup is a module found within various Performing Arts/Drama examination board criteria there is a need by experienced artists to deliver this part of the curriculum. 

My background is actually in education so I feel very much at home in the classroom and it’s a part of my career that I love.  There are millions of makeup artists who are amazingly talented at application but not everyone feels relaxed or confident teaching to large groups.  I work not only within mainstream education but often with Young Offenders, in Specialist Units for young people with severe additional needs as well as hearing impaired students (I’m a Makaton signer too).

ENRICHMENT….  in school,  enrichment aims to take the basic curriculum subjects and expand them, looking at them in more depth or from a different perspective. Many schools offer enrichment through school trips, science days or book weeks. Teachers may also encourage students to do their own research into a subject by reading additional books or working online. Some schools are able to offer separate sessions with tutors or other teachers to allow children to explore subjects in different ways and this is where I come in!  Many schools book me to come in and work with large groups so that a whole year group rather than just a class can experience this alternative art form.  I aim to deliver my workshops in a bespoke format so that each school or college gets exactly what they need. 

Check out my WORKSHOPS/SCHOOLS page on my website – makeup workshops are perfect for colleges, universities, schools, youth groups as well as for staff development or a  team building opportunity. http://www.theatricalmakeupartist.com/workshops-for-schools-youth-groups-staff-development-team-building/ My tag line is ENGAGE, EDUCATE, INSPIRE.  Try it, it works!