I’m not sure that I like writing my blog really.   I like reading it when it’s done and I like the feeling I get when it’s done and finding the time to do it is difficult but I know how important it is for my business and website and more importantly, for Google.   I liken it to some people’s attitude towards cleaning their teeth…  it’s one of those things that you have to do regularly, that’s part and parcel of everyday life but if you don’t do it, you lose your friends!  So here goes!

When I write my blog I sit and go through my diary, looking at what jobs stand out from the others, which ones seem more interesting and which ones I think you as the reader will be more interested in reading about.  I then get my phone and scroll through my photos.  This seems easy enough, except that there are over 9000 images on it (HTC all the way, so much more storage than an iPhone!)  so it takes a bit of sorting to decide which ones to use, or more to the point, which ones CAN be used!  I also have to get client permission to use photos and job specs and although this is generally fine, I often have to wait until the job has screened or been published before I can use them.  Anyway, this time I thought it might be nice to write something non horror related about my work even though we’re in the lead up to Halloween and everything is as bloody and gorey in my work life as ever.

Last month I was invited to present the Best in Hair & Makeup Award on behalf of Pigs Might Fly South, the sponsor company at the Technical Theatre Awards ceremony on board the Sunborn Yacht in London.  Anthony Davies from PMFS was unable to attend the ceremony and so, as winner of the 2014 Award, he asked me to do it on his behalf.  Not one to turn down a posh do on a floating hotel on the Thames, I jumped at the chance and stepped in!

 It was a fabulous night, very well attended by hundreds of people from within the industry and it was a pleasure to be able to present and accept the award on behalf of the winner, Craig Forrest.  I was also asked by the organisers of the TTAs if I will sit on the panel for next year’s makeup nominations which is another privilege in itself.                                                                                                                                                                                              


For the fourth year running I was asked to go back to the offices of HLW, an award-winning architecture, engineering and interior design firm headquarted in New York with offices in Los Angeles, Shanghai and London to create and apply the makeup for the company’s annual Halloween Ball here in our capital city.  Each year has seen the London office expand and grow with this year being no exception so my task this time was to do 32 designs in 4 hours. I called on my team of experienced makeup assistants, Charlotte Arnold, Kate Brown and Bianca Osmondi and we took the office by storm with everyone making it to the Circus Freak Halloween Ball on time!  I was so proud of my team, the way they worked tirelessly, efficiently and with such enthusiasm and creativity throughout the time we were there. This is a link to the event we did with them last year   and these are a few of the photos we took on our phones and I hope to be able to add the official press photos onto next month’s blog.     



Next week I shall be working as sole makeup artist at an event for UNILEVER, the world’s third-largest consumer goods company, to do a job for them at the Warner Bros Studios, London where the company has hired the studios for a huge corporate event.   I can’t tell you what I’m doing there yet, but this link to the studios will give you a clue and that’ll obviously be the focus of next months blog, so at least I’ll not have to work too hard at thinking of what to write about!