Where do Mum’s go?  Well in the UK they go to Iceland, and in July too!  Last week I worked on the Christmas In July  #PowerOfFrozen media event for Cascade Productions International Limited on their highly successful promotional stunt for Iceland Foods in London, and yes, Christmas happened in July!

So because I’ve been so busy with different projects I thought I’d just do a quick round up in pictures of some of the goings-on in Katesfxmakeup world.  Here goes for a whistlestop tour of the last few weeks (apologies in advance for the occasional gory photo!)


A before and After of a private makeover for a client going to a fancydress party - the theme was Hippies and Hipsters!

These next few were taken on a shoot which I'll hopefull be able to blog about when the project goes live.  It was a great shoot to work on and the final film will be amazing as we were given the new NOKIA OZO 360 camera to film with.

Ooops!  Back to the blood!  This was taken on another big shoot day for Invasion Of The Not Quite Dead  which many of you will know that I've been working on for some while.  The actress for this scene was unbelievably patient as we needed to film in four stages to get different angles on the final scene.  She had to have a full body makeup up, it was cold and the location we filmed in wasn't exactly pleasant for her!  Big thanks to to Fullers Farm Shop in Tunbridge Wells for supplying the rib cage too! (The rib cage on her body went through a long cooking process to prepare it before I used it and the blood on it is NOT real blood!  As usual, with all my special effects scenes I use PIGS MIGHT FLY SOUTH blood)

In June I nipped down to Hampshire to work with a school on their production of Phantom of the Opera.  If you know anything about Lloyd-Webber's productions, you'll know that he is extremely protective of Phantom.  This means paying for the licence to perform it and following the very strict rules that surround it.  The school I worked with, Perins School have surely excelled not only themselves but every school thats ever put on a production of any kind.  If you get to do one thing after reading this blog, take a look at the review here, you'll be amazed

The workshop and teaching day I did with Perins was part-funded by NADFAS, the National Associaton of Decorative and Fine Arts Societies and following on from that I have been invited to lecture for the Association.

I've also done some more work with the NHS for their Education and Training department, working on the Advanced Trauma Doctors exams and delivered several workshops in various parts of the country.  I even learned a new word - Trypophobia, fear of holes!

And finally, just a little reminder for anyone working with me......

Enjoy the rest of the summer! xx