If I use the the word CASSIM some of you will know what I’m talking about.  It could be one of two things though, and I just need to make sure that we’re all on the same wavelength here!  The Urban Dictionary defines CASSIM as ­­the sexiest man on the planet, almost nobody is smarter, better looking, or better dressed than him.  You only use this term unless a guy is REALLY all three”.   However readers, today that is NOT the CASSIM that I’m referring to so let’s just regroup and lose the image of the fit guy and look at the other meaning of the word.  CASSIM, or Cas Sim or even CasSim is the abbreviation for CASUALTY SIMULATION meaning the skill of accurately portraying injury or illness in as realistic way as possible and, in my case, enhancing the visual stimulus for educational purposes using special effects makeup to make the scenario as real as it is possible able to be.  So that’s where we’re heading in today’s blog and even though a lot of the photos I put on here or in my gallery are often pretty graphic, today I've added a WARNING!


So my Cas Sim happened with the NHS in my home town of Tunbridge Wells.  I got a call late yesterday from the Education and Training Centre at the Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust who had been let down at the last minute by a Trauma FX Company asking if I could create four extreme patient injuries within a couple of hours.  Straight after we had confirmed the job spc  I was emailed four Case Studies with detailed Incident History, Physical Findings and the all-important Injury Descriptions. I was to have a clinical specialist with me who could also describe the injuries in even more detail and two and half hours to create  scenarios on four willing medical students who would be examined by doctors completing their ATLS (Advanced Trauma & Life Support) programmes.

I’ve worked with several companies in the past on some amazing scenario locations (one of them being Crossrail, the new railway for London) but I’ve never actually worked in a hospital with Doctors and Consultants who could be highly critical of my work if it wasn’t realistic enough.  Fortunately, unlike other companies who I’ve been told use some strange materials for their effects, I am fortunate enough to use top quality products from TILT MAKEUP  and also the best blood on the market produced by PIGS MIGHT FLY SOUTH  so I know my effects are going to look good. I’m also able to use today’s photos (thanks to the willing medical students who also gave their bodies and photo permissions today) on all my social media accounts.

 There are a couple of quite graphic photos below after the boring ones of  the beds and drips....  


Patient D, gasoline explosion burn victim



After some great feedback from the examining doctors, consultants and educational training staff at the hospital, I'll now be doing all the ATLS CasSim senarios.

Next week, I'll be in London working on an Elton John tribiute act and the launch of the new Street Fighter V video game as well as some personal tuition with a college entry student so my next blog will have less of the usual bloody stuff!