It’s been a while since my last blog and I’m constantly aware that good old Google likes fresh content these days so, apart from blogging regularly,  I need to start updating my site with some more case studies and photos from shoots that I’m now able to post.  Those of you that follow me on Twitter https://twitter.com/ katesfxmakeup know that I love tweeting photos when I’m out and about working, but probably what you don’t know is that I have files and files of photos that I’m still not able to put out due to spoiler alerts and release dates.  I’ve just finished a teaser trailer for a feature which will hopefully be filmed this summer but I should be able to put out the photos from the film shoot in a couple of weeks’ time when the trailer hits your screens.  Evidently, if you are one of the 36,000 people who each week have googled Liam Neeson’s films from the TAKEN Trilogy you will be targeted with our trailer.  It’s called ANGEL FALLS, so if you see it on your computer screen please do hit on it! If you haven’t googled TAKEN here’s a link to the TAKEN IMDb page so that you WILL be hit by our Angel Falls trailer! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0936501/              


I’m also proud to announce since I last blogged that I’ve been nominated as a finalist in two categories in the KENT DIGITAL AWARDS  http://kentdigitalawards.co.uk/kda2015-finalists/ - in the WEBSITE: LIFESTYLE AND CULTURE category and also in the SMALL BUSINESS WEBSITE category.  This was a huge surprise to me and I’m really excited to see what happens on June 18th at the inaugural Kent Digital Awards presentation.  I’ll be there with Jez Timms director of Torpedo Juice, the web design company in Tunbridge Wells, who designed and created my website which I am regularly told is striking, creative and precise.  Whether I win or not, it’s a great honour to be recognised as a finalist.  The Awards look to reward innovation and progressive thinking by businesses, individuals, events, charities or educational establishments.  The winners span several industries and range from individuals to national companies, but all have at the core of their entry a desire to use digital media as a means to achieve greater things for their business.  I’ll be live tweeting from the event so follow me now if you’re not already!

This coming weekend I’m filming a music video for a punk-rock band who are about to tour America.  The Kenneths  are the newest artists under the Hard Rock Records label. The London-based punk band is currently managed by Ted Dwane, bassist and founding member of the British band Mumford & Sons and is in the process of recording their first album which will be available for purchase through Hard Rock Records in Summer 2015..  The Band members include Josh, Aicha and Lewis and I’ve been working closely with Josh to get the makeup right for the video which will be released here in the UK shortly.  We'll be filming in stop -frame which is a series of stills put together to create a film and which will show the change in the characters that is key to the video and song.


Finally, over the last year or so I have been working hard on a new project which has finally come to fruition….  I am starting a new business to run alongside my makeup business and which compliments my love of makeup, film and being in the classroom, so to speak.  YOUR FILM EXPERIENCE is a corporate team building event which offers something that no other events company can match.  It is raw, edgy and punchy and I hope that the corporate world is ready for it!  Check out my new website here http://yourfilmexperience.co.uk/