HALLOWEEN starts early for me and when I say early, I don’t mean just a few days or even weeks early, I mean months!  The first job of the Season was way back in June for BOOTS UK doing a Halloween inspired makeup design for the company’s social media pages.  It involved designing a makeup using the brand’s products, applying it live being filmed for a Youtube tutorial as well as for step-by-step photos for their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

I really enjoyed the shoot but I have to be honest and say that when you doing something that goes out publicly for such a big brand, you are always going to come under fire.  The look that the client company required was to be a “holographic inspired” makeup, which is of course very on trend this year.  However, Boots don’t actually stock holographic foils so the design I had to create needed to look as similar as possible using white paint (again which they don’t stock!)  There are some incredible makeup designs out there on social media but when you are limited by the brand product, the final image isn’t going to be as amazing as the clever makeup designs created by all the critical MUAs out there who are only too willing to comment!  Jewels and gems again had to be available instore which was really hard to do as I have a kit box full of sparkly jewels, gems and glitter which I wasn't able to use!   This link takes you to the Instagram video

Here are a few behind the scenes photos....

This is my beautiful niece Millie who I trialled the first part of the design on 

This link takes you to the full Youtube tutorial

Anyway, it was a fun shoot to do and a great brand to add to my portfolio!

I'll be posting some more BIG BRAND names from shoots over the last few months...  Happy Halloween!