It was an absolute privilege to be asked by COW PR for the second year running to design and create the makeup and costume for THE KRAKEN RUM 2018  SCREAMFEST global advertising campaign.   As you may remember, last year I created the clowns for the UK campaign which evidently were a little bit too scary for the public so this year, using Horrors from the Deep as the brand’s theme I designed Mutant Mermaids, Undead Sailors and The Diver to bring to life the myth of the legendary Kraken sea monster and take Screamfest guests on a dark and twisted journey over the Halloween period.  

Kraken Black Spiced Rum is named after the myth of the Kraken sea beast. Imported from the Caribbean and blended with Kraken’s secret spices. It has a distinctive black colour that reflects the mysterious ink with which the monster covered its prey, which is why I used just black and white as the only colours in the design.  Legend has it that one of the biggest shipments of black spiced rum ever to be exported from the Caribbean islands never reached its destination. Although no story was ever confirmed, it is widely believed that the Kraken is responsible for the disappearance.  Barrels carrying the black spiced rum drifted from the ship into the ocean, and the rum was named after the Kraken to pay respect to its power.  

I designed an undead makeup style, again just using black, including Kraken tentacle tattoos for the sailors with prosthetics consisting of barnacles and shells for the Undead Sailor's

 skin and silver holographic scales under ripped flesh for the Mutant Mermaids with ripped net dresses.  I took three of my trusted assistants with me, Laura, Kaileigh and Alisha as part of TeamKate as we had around 30 models to apply makeup to in just a few hours.  Working closely with Nigel Davies, videographer and photographer, we shot several short pieces of film and a series of photos in order that each country across the globe could use the material for their own social media and advertising campaigns ahead of their own immersive experiences.