For the third consective year I was asked by Kraken Rum to design and create the makeup & costume for their new immersive experience in London over the Halloween period.  This time however, the brand invested heavily in a higher media profile by bringing in WORLD-RENOWNED FILM DIRECTOR NEIL MARSHALL to create and direct the experience.  Neil, an English film director, editor and screenwriter began his career in editing; the 2002 horror film Dog Soldiers was his directorial debut, which became a cult film. He followed up with the critically acclaimed horror film The Descent in 2005. He also directed Doomsday in 2008, and wrote and directed Centurion in 2010. He has also directed two prominent episodes of US television series GAME OF THRONES, "Blackwater" and "The Watchers on the Wall", with particular acclaim for his direction on both occasions, as well as a nomination for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series for "The Watchers on the Wall".

I was given Neil's script and ideas for the 2019 KRAKEN SCREAMFEST: THE DIRECTOR'S CUT and designed and created the makeup for the 15 actors, the key "creaturers" being seamen and women who had emerged from the River Thames after being drowned at sea hundreds of years ago. I made head pieces to simulate growths covered in barnacles, shells and seaweed, prosthetics for their faces and dark veins running with Kraken Rum.  I designed, sourced and costumed all 15 actors, the lead "Saviour" styled similarly to Lara Croft, from my studio in Kent then transported everything to London for the event with my team of assistants to bring the whole experience together. 

After the event I received this great feedback from Neil :

 For Halloween 2019 I was asked to create my first interactive horror event by Kraken Rum. Screamfest Directors Cut, the first of its kind, took place over two nights in a very creepy basement in London.  The event proved to be huge success and scared the pants of those brave enough to give it a go.  This is all thanks to the exemplary team of creatives that brought the project to life. Special thanks must go to Kate Griffiths who provided the special make-up effects for the Risen, they looked absolutely amazing and utterly terrifying!!! The attention to detail and visceral aquatic nature of the creatures was truly remarkable. Excellent work.   — NEIL MARSHALL

It's always a pleasure to work with KRAKEN RUM and this last one, working with such an internationally acclaimed film director was a dream!