Being freelance and working on so many different projects I get to work in many, many different locations, studios and filmsets but twice this year I have been fortunate enough to work at the Historic Dockyards Chatham in Kent. (Scroll down on my Blog page to see my BATTLE OF MEDWAY blog post which was also filmed there.)  If you've never been there, please do try to go - it's open to the public as a museum as well as for hire for shoots - it's an incredible place to visit for fun and for work! The original buildings, alleyways, streets etc are perfect for filming historical pieces, in fact Les Mis and Sherlock were both filmed there along with Call The Midwife and countless other films and programs.

This shoot has been commissioned for an American TV channel, more details coming later, but here's a few behind the scenes photos working with a great cast, crew and some incredibly beautiful horses!