BLOGS….  does anyone read them anymore?  I suspect not.  So that’s why this is going to be very short and mainly just some behind the scenes photos from my work on THE BOYS – GET THE V, the explosive immersive experience held in London to launch Season 3 of the comic book TV series The Boys on AMAZON PRIME.

Described by The Escape Roomer, this was immersive action very much in the vein of the tv show – gory, darkly funny and rude.  The experience was a short-lived (10 days) pop-up promo brought to London by SWAMP MOTEL’S high quality production team with multiple sets spread throughout a huge office block in the heart of the City.  It was live streamed by guest influencers who were flown into the UK from across the world. Watch Wilbur Soot and TommyInnit! do the experience here: 

The cast were totally committed (30 shows a day!) which made a 25 minute total experience for live streamers and the public, fast-witted and brave – the penultimate scene was an expertly choreographed dance and fight combat scene lasting 10 minutes!  My cast were amazing to work with – lots of blood and guts (literally guts hanging out!) everywhere!  Here are some photos of a great gig to head up the makeup for!  Thank you Dom Baker of The Production Family for bringing me on board and huge thanks to my team- Leandro and Tash who both worked tirelessly with me to bring the makeup alive for the show!