Here’s one for all the romantics out there - I’m not sure if anyone can better this for a surprise marriage proposal!

The idea was put together by The Proposers http://www.theproposers.co.uk/  who were contacted by their client Oli who wanted the best surprise marriage proposal ever!  They contacted me, along with Book A Table http://www.bookatable.co.uk/  and Gilrays Restaurant on the South Bank in London http://gillrays.com/ and then the plotting and planning started between us all in ernest - Oli was to be come a waiter!

I had to style and design a disguise that could be applied in order that he would be totally unrecognisable during the initial meet and greet face to face contact with his girlfriend, Yemisi, but that could easily removed in a two minute window during the flashmob song.  I decided to use out-of-kit silicone and a prosthetic nose which would alter the shape of his face and then lots of facial hair, glasses and a wig.

Check out the video here with my timelapse makeover!


Here's a few photos from the day

The surprise proposal was then featured in the Daily Mail http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3426306/Is-best-flash-mob-proposal-Man-disguises-bearded-waiter-pop-question-entire-restaurant-bursts-song.html

Was it the best surprise marriage proposal ever?  I think so!

My next blog coming soon to this page will be on the Street Fighter V media launch which went live on February 16th 2016.