Sometimes I’m fortunate enough to work in really glamorous locations and sometimes I’m not quite so fortunate!   In fact, the latter happens more often than not!   I make this quite clear to students and young people looking to enter the industry that the life of an SFX makeup artist is rarely a glamorous one!  But I quite like it that way and when the jobs in warm studios or smart venues come along then it makes a welcome change!

Last year I worked on a project for an agency creating a film for ENGLISH HERITAGE.  HADRIAN’S CAVALRY 2017 is a spectacular and unique exhibition running in ten museums along the 150 mile length of Hadrian’s Wall World Heritage site.  The exhibition has been running since April this year and will go on through until September 2017.   Take a look here for more details http://hadrianswallcountry.co.uk/hadrians-cavalry-2017

Dramatic re-enactment events at attractions along Hadrian's Wall will also form part of the Hadrian’s Cavalry exhibition.   From July 2017, a specially commissioned piece of contemporary art celebrating the cavalry site will be on display at English Heritage’s Chesters Roman Fort and Museum. 

If you use Twitter, you can follow @HadriansWall to keep abreast of all the live re-enactments happening this coming weekend (1st July 2017) as well as the exhibition and the film that I worked on and no doubt see the above mask as they ride into battle!  http://hadrianswallcountry.co.uk/events/turma-hadrians-cavalry-charge-carlisle

My brief was to work with the Roman Cavalry re-enactors and horses at a remote location in Cambridgeshire.   I was surprised to learn there are very few genuinely authentic  re-enactors  across the world who replicate every detail, not only down to the stitching in the soldier’s uniforms but the horse’s tack, weapons, utensils and living quarters - literally every minute detail!   It was a great few days filming with some really great guys with the back of my car doubling up as my studio!