Any of you who follow me over on Twitter (@katesfxmakeup) will know that I have a bit of a thing for Trailer Park Boys, a Canadian mockumentary TV series that focuses on the misadventures of a group of guys living on the fictional Sunnyvale Trailer Park in Nova Scotia.  Well, I didn’t get a job working on the series but imagine my delight when a job came in recently to go and film on a real life trailer park in Essex (I should now add a LOL and a wink emoji to that sentence but fear that would just be a little bit too cliche).  The job, to come back to reality for a minute, was a green screen shoot for a production company based in Bristol who needed to film an interactive backdrop piece for the national summer tour for a major UK holiday park company.  So after a day working at a school in Chelmsford, Essex I headed over to Clacton-on-Sea to work on three actors playing a Redneck Granny, a grizzly looking hillbilly and a Saloon Madame.  As the film was a comedy sketch and the actors all comedians in their own rights, the evening was a huge laugh and again made me realise how lucky I am getting opportunities to work with such talented people.


On a totally different TRAILER note – I worked recently on a teaser trailer (see my last blog), filmed in my home town of Tunbridge Wells in Kent. Any filming locally always grabs my attention and it was great to work with a new crew on a really exciting project.  The trailer has now gone live and will hopefully be green lit by the backers in the next few months for filming of the feature.  You can watch the trailer here

TEETH – not a part of the body that I generally do much work with other than to use PPI’s Skin Illustrator Tooth Enamel palette to discolour the teeth on aging or zombie FX but when a job came in for a music video shoot (see my last blog post again!) where the clients needed to show the growth of vampire fangs (on a budget) I had to do a fair bit of research to source a practical, economical and safe way to achieve the desired effect without damaging their own teeth and keeping within my Public Liability insurance rules!

The job spec email I received was “Not-so popular guy throws a house party.  The whole town and all his classmates come. The party goes surprisingly well.  The band is playing. It’s fun. It’s debauched. The band then turns into vampires at midnight and kill everyone. The end.” This sort of email always intrigues me – an opportunity to do something slightly outrageous is right up my street!  The band, The Kenneths comprising of Josh, Aisha & Lewis all have perfect teeth, no crowns, caps, bridges or veneers which although sounds weird is the initial question I have to ask when the makeup requires anything being applied onto the client’s own teeth.  After quite a bit of discussion with various companies and because of limited time for application during the shoot I decided to go with Scarecrow Vampire fangs in three different sizes. They are made from genuine dental materials, safe to use and customised to fit the wearer – the kits come with small vials of fixer which you mix and add to the inside of the fang then the fang snap-fits over the real tooth.  I was really impressed with the results and the shoot went really well.  The Kenneths are currently touring in the States and will release the single on their return to the UK. Here's Rebels Maket blog for a quick readup on how the tour's going


Finally, the last T in my blog title goes to TIMING which luckily was perfect last week when I popped in to see my amazingly talented friend and fellow makeup artist Thiago, owner of Tilt Professional Makeup in Camden, London who has not only supplied me with all my makeup since he opened his shop two years ago but has given me, and my clients, invaluable product knowledge and support whenever I come across something that requires specialist understanding.  So when I dropped in the other day to see him my timing couldn’t have been better – Thomas E Surprenant was in the store arranging a Masterclass date.  Thomas, if you’re not from the makeup world, is a makeup superhero of mine, having been Makeup Department Head and lead MUA  on titles such as Donnie Darko, Star Trek,  X Men, Grinch to name but a few.  A huge fangirl moment for me and a Twitter follow by the Master himself.  Perfect.