Call it a Handle, call it a Username, call it an At but basically whatever you call it, we all need it and mine is @katesfxmakeup.  Social Media has become as important to business as blood is to life and without it no one will survive in this competitive business world we work in.  I’ve been “social media-ing” for my business since 2009 when I reluctantly joined Twitter and I say reluctantly because I really was against the whole Twitter thing – I couldn’t stand listening to people talking about it, let alone read anything on it but I’m the sort of person that will take any­­ thing on board and give things a go if I know it will benefit me.  Up until then I had been buying space with magazines and using business cards to advertise my website as well as relying on word of mouth but within a few months of joining Twitter I stopped all that after looking at my Google Analytic results and seeing where my website traffic was coming from and realising that Twitter was the new platform for my advertising.campaigns.

Seven years later and I haven’t looked back although it’s more about Instagram at the moment, but to be honest I love the rapport I have with my Twitter followers and you don’t get that same interaction with Instagram as it’s all about the visuals over there and Facebook for me has never really been an big interactive place for me other than my personal page.  Twitter has been such a great place but I have less and less time to tweet - I’m conscious of the hours it can take up but I still love it and have made many contacts and yes, even friends on there!  I’m not fussed about numbers of followers, for me it’s about enjoyment and interaction with people that appreciate my work which I think gives more to reputation than the figures next to your name.  I follow most people back, interesting people, people and businesses from my local area so that I can keep in touch with what’s going on around me, film, theatre, makeup and arts based accounts and pretty much anyone that wants to give me a follow!

I’m not ashamed to say that it’s a massive part of my life – there are people who don’t understand it, or get it, or even want to be a part of it and I’m fine with that but for me, it’s been such a massively enjoyable part of my life that I can’t see that coming to an end so if you’re a Tweeter, Instagrammer or Facebooker you’ll have to put up with me for a lot longer!  So if you get a minute, give me a follow if you haven’t already, on each account please!  It’s the same across the board @katesfxmakeup, you’ll find the buttons on my Home Page!  #thanks

Next month I’ll be blogging with a round of some of my 2016 work from around the UK, some gory horror stuff, some pretty faces (yes, I occasionally do a few of those!) and some interesting film news.  Thanks for reading and more importantly……