With over 300 guests from around the world attending their company’s prestigious annual Global Award Ceremony, my job as makeup artist to the MC for this high end corporate event had to be one of the most important jobs of this year for me.  I wasn’t concerned about getting it right, as I knew with all the planning, preparation and attention to detail beforehand that everything would go well.  And it did!

The venue was the amazing WARNER BROS STUDIOS just north of London where of course the famous HARRY POTTER film franchise was shot and where the owner and creator, Nick Dudman of PIGS MIGHT FLY SOUTH http://www.pigsmightfly.co.uk/  the theatrical film blood company who have very generously sponsored all my blood since winning the Technical Theatre Award in 2014, was the lead makeup artist on each and every film produced there.  So it was a very great honour to be asked to create a Dumbledore worthy of such a prestigious venue, global client company and to my makeup hero Nick!

The MC was the amazingly talented – and tall, Toast Master James Hasler aka The Man In the Red Coat over on Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/toastmasterjameshasler/?fref=ts or https://twitter.com/SpeakerJHasler on Twitter.  I hadn’t met James before but he put his trust in me at 2pm and in just under three hours, a lot of silicone and a huge amount of facial hair later a Dumbledore walked into The Great Hall at Hogwarts….







I'm currently planning and prepping with a client for another prestigious corporate event to be held two days before Christmas.  For enquiries and quotes please drop me a line through my CONTACT page.