I guess January and February have to be the ideal months to film a new feature film set in a snowy landscape but working in freezing cold conditions isn't great for me and definitely not for my actors, or my blood!

After once having broken two of my own ribs on a film set from ramming a frozen blood pump onto my chest to get it working in a one-take scene, I never taken anything forgranted!  Although we weren't actually filming in the snow (no one in the film industry could possibly rely on the UK to be under 3 foot of snow in January, so the external shots will be filmed in Lapland next month) the icy conditions in Surrey inside a purpose-built log cabin were just topping the minus figures.  Fortunately we had a plethora of fur (fake) coats on the set for the actors so I spent a fair amount of time wrapped up ina full length one to keep some of the warmth in!

So what was I doing?  Well, Writer, Director and Producer Charlie Steeds, the man behind the feature films The House of Violent Desire, Escape From Cannibal Farm and The Barge People, needed a creature to absolutely scare the **** out of the viewers!  Not giving any of the story away, here are a few Behind The Scenes photos from filming with an amazing cast and crew.  I'd just like to thank Charlie for giving me the opportunity of creating something really quite horrific and which I think ticked his box! 

Actors Rowena Bentley and David Lenik star in this brilliant film along with a small cast including the brillint duo Barrington de la Roche and Richard Myers.   Keep your eyes peeled for the film towards the end of 2018 but here, for now, are some BTS photos to keep you going!

And here's a couple of the creature itself.... big thanks to my two actors Daniel McKee and Sam Lane who both allowed me to get creative on them (we used two actors for different scenes) it was a long hours, very messy and very cold!  Big thanks again must go to Pigs Might Fly South who very generously supplied the blood for this horrendously gory shoot!