It's funny how a chance meeting with someone can lead to something pretty amazing and which proved that the age-old and timeless Business Card is still worth its weight in gold and is very definitely worth keeping in your back pocket!

Back in the summer I was invited to Bloodstock Festival as a guest of Cow PR and Kraken Rum during a job I was doing for them. Whilst there, I was hanging around (as you do) in the VIP area and got chatting with some of the PYROHEX performers, who were closing the festival each night on the Sophie Stage - check them out on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, they’re incredible!   I cheekily handed my card to each of them  mentioning that if any of them ever needed any makeup or fancied doing a collaboration then to give me a shout.  Sure enough, the stunning Shelly d’Inferno kept my card and a little while later got in touch saying she would love to work on something together. 

Delighted at the chance to get creative on such an amazing face and body, Shelly gave me as much artistic licence as I liked so after looking at her Instagram account        something really leaped out at me – Shelly uses a collection of incredible wigs, extensions and dreads which help create her individual, alterative style but the one look I realised she hadn’t got was a bald one!

I took a leap of faith and put it to her saying that I’d like to do the opposite of what she was used to and would she be up for it?  Shelly being Shelly was totally up for it!  I left it to her to find a photographer and location and as luck would have it, we were all available on one date in October. 

These are the results of working with Shelly and top alternative photographer Eleanor Fulford of Newo Imagery

Costume Credit: Scale Armour by Janes Corsets


Costume Credit: Shoulder piece: Mystic Thread  Skirt: Kiku Corset Boutique

Costume Credit:  Headress:  PioroBlue

My thanks to El for being such a fun photographer to work with and for sourcing such amazing costumes for us to play with! To Urban Decay for sending me such gorgeous products to work with, to my partner JJ for on-set assistance and all the heaving lifting and to Shelly herself, for being so completely open to my designs and having such a stunning face and body to work on!

There are seven nights left til Christmas, there's one more job left for 2017 and then, never taking anything forgranted, I move into another great year ahead working with, and meeting more, amazing people as I travel along the winding Theatrical Makeup Artist road!

Happy Christmas! xxx