With national lockdowns during the Covid global pandemic finally over, the next difficulty anyone faces is travelling abroad!  However, with gritty determination and a budget in place, directors Marc Zammit and  Craig Hinde of SKYLARK VISION https://www.facebook.com/Skylark-Vision-182431402332605 managed to secure a stellar crew and cast and fly everyone out to Hungary to film Skylark's debut film, WITCH.  Having worked with both Marc and Craig before and several of the crew it was exciting not just be working again (let's never mention the C word and all the paperwork it entails again!) but to be in another country and working on an incredible film set!  I can't give away any location details here but we were so incredibly fortunate to be able to film at this studio just outside Budapest.  

As Head of Makeup and SFX, I needed to pre-plan everything I would need to take, including sourcing a custom, hand-made postiche (beard and moustache) for an actor I had never met as well as making and packing two severed heads that we would need to get across several land borders as all the kit was being driven out to Hungary ahead of the shoot!  As usual, my incredible sponsor Ant Davies of Pigs Might Fly South https://www.facebook.com/pigsmightflysouth  came up trumps and supplied all the different types of blood products for the film and for which I am always truly grateful. 

The story and film details are obviously all under wraps until it's release early in 2022 but here are some of the official film photographs taken by set photographer Peter Tyrrell.  My thanks goes to actor Russell Shaw https://www.facebook.com/RussellShaw4 who every day had to go through a big makeup change and who gracefully sat in my makeup chair at all hours of the day and (mainly night!) having his beard and hair done!  All the actors were amazing and together as a team we have made something really special.  I can't wait for you to see it!



After the release of the film, I'll be able to put out more Behind the Scenes photos but from what you can see here so far from the official photos, the film as a product is looking to be a massive global hit!  Follow and keep up-to-date with all the film's social media on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/search/top?Instagram q=wi%E2%80%A0ch%20movie  https://www.instagram.com/movie_witch/?hl=en and Twitter https://twitter.com/WitchMovie1